Fee-only Financial Planning Services


No canned financial advice or flat-fee packages! We work with your individual financial planning needs, whether you need some time to ask questions or want to develop a complete financial road map for a secure future. What kind of financial advice can we offer you?

We highly recommend a comprehensive financial plan to take a careful look at all aspects of your financial position. Some questions we can help to answer are…

  • Do you have a spending plan that covers your needs, wants, and dreams?
  • Do you have an appropriate investment portfolio designed to achieve your goals?
  • Are you on-target for a secure retirement?
  • Are your estate plans in order and consistent with your wishes?
  • Are you maximizing your employee or business benefits?
  • Are you using savvy tax planning?
  • Do you have a plan to reach special goals such as college funding, early retirement, another home, or dream travel?

Do you already have a financial plan in place? Do you only have questions or concerns about a specific area?  We can help you with a focused examination of any specific financial planning topic, including…

Retirement planning

How much do you need? What rate of savings will get you there? Can you retire early? How can you withdraw your savings safely so that your money has the best chance of lasting for your lifetime or beyond?

College funding

How much will your children need for college tuition? What’s the best way to save and invest for college? Will you qualify for financial aid? If not, what strategies can you use to minimize college out-of-pocket costs? For grandparents who want to help, what’s the best way?

Portfolio or investment opinions

Is your investment portfolio consistent with your risk tolerance and future plans? Have your investments become too complicated? Is your portfolio allocated to take advantage of tax strategies? Are some investments confusing or incomprehensible?

Employee and business benefits

Is an evaluation of retirement benefits or investments in order? What’s the best mix of investments for your 401(k), SEP, 403(b) or other retirement plan? How should you handle stock options? For business owners, are you offering benefits that attract top employees while keeping your own costs low? Should you rollover your retirement investments or stay with your current plan?

Cash flow planning

Are you effectively managing a freelance income? Have you undergone recent changes—divorce, death of a loved one, an inheritance, unemployment or a new job, or relocation?

…or any other financial advice you need.

You can trust us for supportive, unbiased financial advice with your best interests at heart.

Contact us today to schedule a get-acquainted consultation.